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The world leading range of computer business simulations (business games) and design services based on extensive, practical training experience and research into design and use. Decision and outcome rich simulations that ensure the critical thinking necessary to make the decisions that lead to business and personal success. Business simulations grounded in award winning research and honed and validated in the classroom so that they deliver effective, efficient and consistent learning that is exciting, engaging fun!. Simulations that take experiential learning beyond reality to a new level.

Jeremy's Outstanding Contribution Award

Jeremy Hall receiving his Churchill Fellowship from British Prime Minister John Major for his study of business simulation use for company training

Innovation award recognising the way my software platform speeded development and customisation while enhancing business learning.

Designs that are grounded in award winning researches into simulation structure, design methodology and learning process.

This, the UK's premium training industry award was given in the words of the judges A real expert, Jeremy shows an enviable longevity and contribution to the industry.

Jeremy has not only developed exceptional simulation models that have saved time and money for the organisations he has worked with, he has also made these materials available to trainers throughout the industry.

The Outstanding Contribution acknowledges an individualís impact not only on the organisations with which they have worked, but more importantly on the industry as a whole."

Jeremy receiving his Churchill Fellowship from John Major (UK Prime Minister) for his study in the UK, Europe and the USA of why and how companies use Business Simulations.

My Churchill Fellowship study created a simulation purpose model involving exploring knowledge, developing and honing skills, motivating & engaging, assessing participants & evaluating learning and enhancing learning.

Besides using simulations in the classroom, companies used them on business conferences, on assessment centres, when recruiting graduates and even to promote their company.

Jeremy's business simulation platform won this innovation award against heavy weights like West Ham Football Club.

Not only does his platform incorporate advanced features such his Systems Dynamics Learning Journey and Tutor Support System but also provides for multiple versions (allowing an existing simulation to be personalised to your exacting needs) and allows a new simulation to be developed in a fifth to a tenth of the time required by the competition.

Accounting for the needs of users the platform is easy & safe to use and the designs are quality assured.

Jeremy's ongoing research into business simulation design and use has won him several best paper awards and nominations from the Association for Business Simulations and Experiential Learning (ABSEL).

ABSEL is the world's leading learned society associated with business simulations and experiential learning. Recently they recognised Jeremy's contribution to the knowledge base by inducting him as the only non-professorial fellow and one of only three fellows from outside North America.

Although a practitioner rather than an academic, Jeremy is on the editorial board of Simulation & Gaming (the world's leading scientific review)

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