This page explores the issues with the audiences involved with business simulations - the learners, trainers and the people who decide (sponsor) their use.











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These are the managers who authorise and pay for use and the people who design and decide the form of training.

Business Needs
The starting point for a learning initiative must be business needs and from these a determination of learning needs (purpose and method).

Business Success
In today’s complex and ever changing world, knowing facts is not enough. Past solutions do not work. What is necessary is the wisdom to make the best decisions.

Costs & Duration
Minimising cost and duration is not the same as ensuring efficient learning. Effective learning requires the right duration (neither too long or too short).

Learning Essentials
Learning is more than acquiring factual knowledge and is impacted by what and how competencies are developed – the learning process and method.


These are the people who use the business simulation and manage learning.

Business Expertise
Tutoring a business simulation involves coaching and challenging the participants and this requires the tutor having relevant business knowledge, expertise and experience.

Tutoring Skills
Tutoring a business simulation requires facilitation skills and managing the learning process. It is not the same as instruction or academic lecturing!

Concerns & Fears
Using another’s training materials and technology raises concerns and until the trainer is comfortable with the simulation he or she may be fearful!

Training Success
Ultimately, the trainer is measured on and rewarded for successful learning and engagement and a business simulation provides for these consistently.


These are the business people who learn from the business simulation.

Prior Learning
Business simulations build on prior knowledge and hone understanding. So the simulation must connect with existing learning and build on it.

Ideally, each team of participants will be diversified in terms of knowledge and experience as this improves learning through shared learning and diverse viewpoints.

Generally the participants look forward to the business simulation, as it will enable them to demonstrate their prowess, competitively!

Personal Success
The business people who participate in a business simulation are concerned with it making them more successful and so perceived relevance is vital.

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