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My lean approach means that I provide basic simulation documentation designed for the typical user. However I recognise that you may wish to brand and localise a simulation.











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I design my business simulations to facilitate branding and localisation and this means that this can be easily done at low or no cost.


This involves changing participant documentation, briefing and, optionally, the look of the simulation to reflect your house style and having a special version of the simulation.

Participant Documentation: We provide the participant documentation in standard Microsoft Word format and are happy for you to edit this to create a custom copy provided that we keep our copyright. As you can do this yourself the cost is virtually nil.

Briefing Slides: As with the participant documentation we are happy for you to edit our standard Power Point briefing slides..

Simulation Branding: There are several ways that you can rebrand the simulation. For all simulations the easiest is to change the simulation's screen wallpaper. To do this, all that is required is to replace one jpeg file. To the left below is our standard wallpaper and to the right is a possible wallpaper for the mythical Owen Brand Training Services!

Standard Wallpaper

Customised Wallpaper

Besides changing the wallpaper it is possible to have a special own brand version of the simulation. This approach was taken by several customer including Schneider Electric, Gambro and Management Development Consultants. Contact us to discuss the details. As this is likely to need our help the cost is higher ranging from a few pounds to a little more.

Own Brand Simulation: The ultimate own branding solution is for us to develop a simulation especially for you. This approach has been taken by several clients including Kraft Foods and HSBC. The cost here is higher but still a fraction of our competitors!


This involves changing participant documentation and the simulation software to reflect your business terminology and language. These changes will result in a new version. Please email us to obtain our white paper on localisation.

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