A Business Acumen Simulation covers the whole organisation.

Business Acumen Simulations

Developing Business Acumen is a key requirement for today's business people and organisations and using a business simulations is key to this development.











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Why Develop Business Acumen?

Executives may be excellent in their specialties but not have a good understanding of the entire entity or of the financial and commercial impact their of their decisions. Typically their business experience has been in their own functional area but today's business success requires an understanding how their decisions impact the other functions coupled with a focus on commercial and financial success.

In particular, business people must not just understand measures of business success but also know how managerial actions drive these, how to avoid threats, overcome weaknesses and grasp opportunities while building on the company's strengths and their individual strengths.

Typical Business Acumen Course content

A typical business acumen course will cover the following:

How Business Acumen Simulations help

Typically a business simulation used to develop business acumen will involve learners running a complete business working in small teams. This means that they will see how the whole business functions. Running a complete business wrenches learners from the comfort of own functional silo and means that they get an overall picture.

Working in small teams learners build their business acumen both from the course content but also by sharing and negotiating knowledge and experience with the others.

The business acumen simulation serves to reinforce, test and embed theoretical learning provided during the course.

The business acumen simulation is action oriented and a change of pace. As a result it emphasises the need to do (use their business acumen) in an engaging, motivating and exciting way.

Business Acumen Simulations

All my Challenge Series simulations have been designed to help develop Business Acumen. Each last a day and can either be used as a Course Finale, a Course Theme or an immersive one-day event. All these simulations are designed to be run by the average trainer and are both easy to use and incorporate a Tutor Support System. Further, because their development was sponsored by different organisations we can provide these high value simulations for you to run for a low fee.

Because it is important for the learners to explore the issues facing their own business, each Challenge Series simulation addresses the issues facing a different type of business and further details of individual simulations are available thus:

Besides these off-the-shelf simulations we are regularly asked to customise these to address specific issues and can usually do this in a few days or a couple of weeks.

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