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Before and during my early business simulation design work I worked in line management.











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Designing a business simulation requires knowledge of real world business practicalities and, I feel that it is important that before becoming a full time business simulation designer I significant experience of:

Why do I think my business background is important to you?

  1. It means that my business simulations are relevant to the real-world
  2. I understand your needs and can advise you which business simulation is right to you
  3. When developing a new business simulation or customising an existing one I fully and quickly understand your needs.

Manufacturing Management Experience
I was immensely lucky after my degree to move from the UK to the USA to work for General Electric (GE) in manufacturing and take part in their Manufacturing Management Program. Over the three years of the program I worked on the shop floor, in quality control, plant engineering, manufacturing engineering and materials management.

After completing the program, I took a job helping design a manufacturing system - in particular its sales forecasting, inventory management and scheduling aspects. Additionally, I was able to attend GE's Advanced Manufacturing Methods Course. It was during this time I discovered personal computing in the form of computer time-sharing and began building business models.

My manufacturing background shows itself in my lean approach to design and use.

Sales and Marketing Management Experience
I was so excited by the way computer timesharing increased my productivity and capability that I decided to move to GE's Network Information Services and this allowed me to move back to UK to launch the first interactive (on-line) modelling package and move into sales and marketing. Such were my marketing skills that a few years later I got a job teaching marketing at the prestigious Ashridge Management College.

My marketing background shows itself in the way I focus on delivering learning (focus on client needs and wants) rather that trying to build the world's most real model (focus on product features). This focus on delivering learning is further illustrated by my range of business simulations, their versions and my Tutor Support system.

Financial Background
Although I have not actually worked in finance, in the late 1960's and early 1970's I worked extensively with financial experts helping them build financial models - ranging from budgetary analysis models through to advance inflation accounting strategic models. As demonstrated by my business simulations,

I feel that finance is the language of business (and also influences my personal decisions). Examples of this are my drawing a parallel between learning investment and capital investment and my creating a model that investigated the financial aspects of amateur wine-making (published in the computer trade press).

My financial background shows itself the efficiency and value of design and use.

Engineering Background
Before I did any of this I obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, London having had an interest in electronics from an early age. Engineering is in my DNA and this that meant that in the 1960's I did not see building business models as strange.

My engineering background shows itself my research into business simulation design and use. Research that has led to an award winning design methodology and an award winning software architecture with the design methodology ensuring design quality and the architecture ensuring value.

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