Business Simulations ensure promotional contests are not a gamble.

Business Simulations for Customer and Community Relations

How companies have used business simulations to develop and improve their relationships with customers and the community.











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Besides using business simulations for business training, they can be used to promote an organisation and support the community. Not only have I developed business simulations for this purpose, I have run and supported the promotional activities. As a result I can help you ensure that you get the best public relations benefit.

....... to enthuse children about a career in industry.

....... to promote your company to business people.

....... to enthuse undergraduates students about your company and assess them!

....... to build the relationship with the customers.

....... to provide a business game that lasted two minutes.

To enthuse children about a career in industry

For many years I was involved with a sixth-form conference designed to persuade students to take up a career in industry (rather than the professions or other no-wealth generating activities). The simulation is spread over a day and a half interspersed with other sessions that explore careers in industry. The simulation is a slightly simplified version of my Executive Challenge simulation and all the work done processing the decisions is done by students. (I just chose the winner and get the plaudits!!) | am happy to provide my Executive Challenge at no cost for the use by schools.

To promote your company to business people

Several of my simulations were used by Benson & Hedges in the Arabian Gulf to promote their products as the one for successful business people. Not only were the simulations used as part of a fun contest but was seen by the participants and others as a very useful learning activity. Note worthy is the fact that each year the contest was run it obtained some eleven thousand centimeters of editorial coverage. Beyond this I have run four business contests in the UK. All these contests were seen by the media, contestants and the organisations that they worked for as a way of improving business performance. My experience running and supporting business simulation based promotional contests means that I am uniquely able to support and advise.

To enthuse undergraduates about your company and assess them

The client ran a series of seminars for undergraduates just before they completed the degree course. The graduates (from engineering and design courses) met with senior managers, attended sessions describing the company and played a business game. Sitting in with each team was a person from the company to mentor them and observe!

To build the relationship with customers

The client had us develop a special simulation for use at their customers' trade body's conference. It addressed the issues faced by the customers and provided an enjoyable part of the conference. In doing so it helped developed the relationship between the company and its business customers.

To provide a business game that lasted two minutes.

When I was asked the provide a two minute business game for use on a stand at an exhibition my first response was that this was impossible. But, it was too much of a challenge to resist and I developed Executive Ladders. Modeled on snakes and ladders, the game involved moving up a board on the screen responding to opportunities to bid for new business and rebid for existing business while building quality.

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