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Business Simulations for Operations Management

Here we list several ways clients have used business simulations to explore operations and manufacturing management.











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Having started my career working in manufacturing with GE and my modelling career building models to help design manufacturing systems I have a particular affinity for business simulations to build operations wisdom.

........an introduction to operations management

........a total immersion in project management

........a challenge for British production management

........immersing banking staff in running a unit

........exploring how manufacturing efficiency is impacted

........exploring material, information and cash flow

A short introduction to operations management

In three to four hours my Operations Simulation explore forecasting, production scheduling and material purchasing.

Total project immersion

The client wished all the people involved in a project from initiation to completion to be involved in a week long practical activity. Starting at project definition the Protest simulation took participants through negotiation with the client, project planning and budgeting to the stage by stage implementation. Uniquely, to replicate the problems of management, the implementation phases were run in real time.

To challenge British production management

A major manufacturing industry magazine wished to challenge the manufacturing acumen of its readers. I developed and ran our Teamskill simulation. Following the success of this, other magazines in the group repeated the activity with a contest for industrial buyers and a contest for engineering managers.

To immerse banking operations staff in running a unit

A major bank came to me to develop a complex business simulation to be used as a theme on an operations management course. Participants had to manage six units involving more than twenty interacting operations with more than sixty staff each of whom had different personalities and skills.

Exploring how manufacturing efficiency is impacted

My Management Experience Simulation involves making the best use of manufacturing resources, measuring economic performance, forecasting and control in the context of a complete business.

A business simulation to explore material, information and cash flow

My UMIX Simulation involves the short-term detail of running a business and how the functions link together. It involves all aspects of the business from raw material purchases through fabrication, assembly and sales to payment. Thus it is perfect for graduate employees and specialists who need to understand how materials, money and information flow between business functions.

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