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As our business simulations are designed to be used by small teams of business people all can be used to help with team building and develop team working skills. Team building using business simulations focuses on business and commercial success and therefore differs from less cerebral activities such as fire-walking or dangling sales staff over a pit of alligators (despite the fact that non-participating management find this enjoyable).

......exploring team working dynamics

......cross functional team building building at a conference building course

Exploring team working dynamics

Having taken part in team building activities such as Desert Survival, I felt that it would be appropriate to replicate the activity where group dynamics were explored in a business environment. This resulted in the Sales Mix and Retail Mix simulations. These are business simulations designed to stress test team working skills but ultimately lead to harmonious working.

Cross functional team building

A client's board of directors felt that "many of our top executives were excellent in their specialities but did not have a good understanding of the entire entity nor of the financial impact their Divisions had on it". They came to us to find a business simulation that would provide“ an Exploration of How our Business Might Function Under YOUR Leadership” . In three days we customised our Executive Challenge Simulation to look like their company and raise the issues facing it. Over the next eighteen months 320 senior managers participated and in their words "it was very pleasing to see the programme deliver all that was expected and more". For full details see the case study.

Team building at a conference

A very common business conference objective is for people from different functions to get to know each other so as to improve communication in the future. To meet this objective, clients regularly use a Conference Business Game. We are always pleased to advise you on the practicalities and help (especially if the conference is at an exotic location).

Team building course

A training provider client was charged with creating and running a team building course for part of a major bank. This would consist of outdoor activities but additionally he felt that it would be appropriate to also use a business simulation - we developed the Profess simulation to do this.

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