Before and in parallel to my early use of business simulations I held a variety of business positions that involved my in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and finance.











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Business Experience with GE

I was recruited from university by General Electric on their Manufacturing Management graduate training problem. This lasted three years and involved me in a range manufacturing jobs in the USA - jobs on the factory floor, in manufacturing and plant engineering, in quality and inventory management and running a materials acceptance unit. Additionally, I attended evening classes that covered management and manufacturing topics.

At the end of this training program, I took a job working manufacturing developing a computerized manufacturing system . Work that involved me in sales forecasting, production scheduling and inventory management. During this time I also attended GE's Advanced Manufacturing Methods Course and got involved in helping Finance and Marketing develop budgeting and forecasting software.

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Business Experience with Honeywell

I worked with Honeywell in a variety of marketing roles, consulted with clients about corporate and financial modeling, ran a unit that provided customer services, own and client training and my final role was Chief Corporate Consultant where I advised clients senior management on their corporate systems.

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My own Business Experience

Although I set up my firm in 1976 I worked part time until December 31st 1982. Since then I have been self employed and provided simulations. design and customisation services to large companies around the world. (Including, on two occasions, a client flying me around the world!)

My logo to the right - the screen shaped black board on an easel - signifies how I use technology to support learning. And my tag line "from knowledge through simulated experience to wisdom" illustrates my belief that experience is necessary to convert knowledge into the wisdom necessary for personal and business success in today's ever changing and challenging world.

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Cross Functional Experience

Unusually but importantly for business simulation design and use I have had in depth cross functional experience - a degree in engineering, worked in manufacturing and marketing and advised clients on financial modeling and budgeting.

This practical line management experience means that I understand the issues facing business people and am able to build them into my simulations.

Additionally, I have worked in a range of businesses - lamp making, motors, power transformers, etc and computer systems, software and training services.

Cross functional experience

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