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Information on how you might evaluate and prepare to use a business simulation for use on your course.











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Evaluation and Use Process
I envisage an evaluation process thus:

Walk through what a classroom simulation does for you.

This allows you to explore how one of my simulations might work for you.
    See how a Business Acumen simulation might be used on your course.
    See how a Concepts simulation might be used on your course


Download and Review Briefing Slides

This provides a short overview of the business simulation and will be helpful when refining your search for a suitable simulation.

Download and Review Participant's Manual

This enables you to investigate the business simulation from the learners' viewpoint and should help you refine your selection further.

Request and Review Background Notes

These provide detailed information about the business simulation model and the learning that it provides to allow you to ensure the simulation meets your learning needs and integrates with other learning. But you will need to email for a copy of these.

Download the Simulation

The simulation that you download is the full version. Except that you will only be allowed to simulate a couple of periods rather than the number required to deliver learning. For help with the download process. (I am happy to provide the code to release the full version for your evaluation and to ensure you really understand the simulation.)

Decide to go Ahead

Email us with the dates when you will be using the business simulation and we will email you back a code that releases the full version for your course. (I am happy to provide the code well before the date of your course so that you can check things out.)

Release Full Version

You enter the code into the business simulation and it will switch to the full version for the duration of your course. (After this it will revert to the evaluation version.) More information

Use on Course

You can now use the business simulation on your course. Whenever possible we will try to be available for you to phone us during this time if necessary.

We Invoice you

After successful use we will invoice you. Only once has this been a problem where an American University did not pay.
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