Extending Learning "Half-Life"

Just as fissionable materials decline in potency over time and without servicing your automobile falls apart, so too does learning. Here I explore ways business simulation can extend and refresh learning.











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You spend a lot of money on your staff learning about business, finance, marketing etc. but over time this learning declines as people forget or the learning schema become damaged.

The practical and active nature of business simulations means that they are ideal to help you refresh and extend past learning.

What is required are ways to refresh and renew past learning and so extend it's benefit. Over the years clients have done this at low cost in several ways:

The Stand-Alone Event

Here a business simulation is run as a special learning event to re-embed, refresh and test prior learning. For example, one client after a prolonged series of learning interventions, used a business simulation to reinforce, refresh and integrate the knowledge. And, stimulate thought and discussion about future learning.

The Company Conference

Here a business simulation is used as part of a company conference to refresh learning and add an exciting and engaging, active element to the conference.

The In-house Contest

Here a business simulation is used as a contest to refresh learning in out of office hours. It provides an opportunity for your staff to demonstrate their business acumen and skills and, perhaps, win a prize. This means that the learners are motivated to work hard beyond their normal working day making decisions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis over several months.

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