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Besides extensive experience using business simulations for learning and my experience designing courses means that I can help you link the business simulation to other learning. Here I briefly summarise how you can integrate your learning with the business simulation. Also this page provides links to additional information about individual ways of using business simulations.

For each I provide examples but are happy to discuss your actual needs, advise and, if appropriate, suggest a suitable simulation.

The information provided here is from my latest book Corporate Cartooning: the art, science and craft of business simulation design. (Available as a free download here.)

Course Finale

Here the business simulation is used at the end of the course to tie together the earlier sessions.

For Business Acumen courses our Challenge Series are ideal for you to run yourself. For Financial for Non-Financial Managers either our Challenge Series or Financial Analysis simulations are ideal. For strategy level courses our Global Operations simulation is ideal.

Course Theme

Here the business simulation spread through the course linking theory sessions together. Here the simulation embeds the learning from earlier sessions and can be used to introduce later theory sessions. Additionally, the business simulation provides an invigorating break from the theory sessions. For Business Acumen courses our Challenge Series are ideal for you to run yourself.

Course Starter/Icebreaker

Here the business simulation is used at the start of the course. Our short Concepts Series simulations are ideal One client had was responsible for tutoring perhaps the world's worst course - Advanced Financial Appreciation!The problem he faced was that some learners had attended a Financial Appreciation course a very long time ago, while others thought that they already knew a reasonable amount about finance and so the advanced course was appropriate. Finally, some learners had the right prior knowledge. By running a business simulation at the start of the course the tutor was able to assess who needed remedial teaching and what needed to be taught. Also, he was able to identify the learners who he could use as a resource to coach the others.

Course "Break"

Here the business simulation is used to separate two major course elements. For example a client had a course where the first module focused on soft skills and the second module focused on hard skills. They used a simulation that consolidated and tested the learners negotiation and team working skills and introduced basic marketing, financial and operational concepts.

To Reinforce a Topic

Here a short business simulation is used to reinforce a topic or concept. Our short Concepts Series simulations are ideal to reinforce marketing, sales, operations and some financial topics. Our Financial Analysis simulation is ideal for a heavyweight reinforcement of financial concepts

Stand Alone Workshop

Here the business simulation is used as a stand alone event to refresh and share prior knowledge and, possibly, sensitise learners to and explore future leaning needs. Our Challenge Series simulations are used regularly for stand alone workshops.

Business Conference

Here the business simulation is used as a fun, business oriented activity at a company conference. An activity that can help transform perceptions such as moving sales people away from shifting boxes to thinking profits or the need for good forecasting and the cost of poor forecasting. Our Challenge Series and Concepts Series are ideal for junior management and above and our Global Operations simulation is ideal for senior management.

Because of the numbers and tight time table it may be useful to ask us to support you here.

Promotional Contest

Here the business simulation is used to promote a business, service or product to the business community. Our experience in this area is considerable having run four National conferences in the UK and, possibly, the world's largest international contest - the Benson & Hedges Management Challenge - a contest that achieved 11,000 column centimetres of editorial coverage a year.

Our considerable experience providing suitable simulations and ensuring promotion means that I am an ideal partners to help you with a promotional contest.

Assessment/Development Centre

Here the business simulation is used as part of an assessment/development centre. Again I have considerable experience helping with assessment/development centres. And, perhaps uniquely, our Challenge Series have special assessment centre versions. Versions that do not just provide the normal reports for the people being assessed (raw data) also produce special (pre-digested) reports to the assessors that high-light the business issues that should have been identified and be addressed.

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