I feel that it is natural that as a provider of business learning products that I should spend a considerable amount of time learning about designing and using business simulations and sharing this learning.











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ABSEL - Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning

ABSEL is the worlds leading learned society associated with the design and use of business simulations. Over the years I have presented many peer reviewed papers at their annual conference in the USA. Despite the fact that I am a practitioner rather than an academic three of my papers have won their best paper award and several have been nominated for the best paper award. Since 1978 65+ papers have received best paper awards, except for me all these were written by academics - usually business professors!

One of my ABSEL Best Paper Awards

Churchill Fellowship

In 1995 I was immensely proud and pleased to win a Churchill Fellowship to study why and how companies used business simulations in the USA. Proud because I see Winston Churchill as the greatest British Prime Minister of all time. I remember well traveling cross country between Warren, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana on the day of Churchill's funeral (January, 1965). In every township, every flag staff was flying the American Flag at half staff - immensely moving.

Below is a picture of me receiving the award from John Major (UK Prime Minister). The study coupled with work I had done led to my first book on business simulations - SIMULATION: Virtual Business Experience.


Simulation & Gaming Journal

In 2008 I joined the editorial board of Simulation& Gaming. Simulation & Gaming is the world's foremost scientific review devoted to academic and applied issues, methods, practice and research in the increasingly popular area of simulation and gaming. Over the last forty some years Simulation & Gaming has provided a forum for the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and practice researchers, educationalists and professionals around the world.

It is the official journal of the world's leading simulation and game associations (ABSEL, ISAGA, JASAG, NASAGA, SAGANET, SIETAR-USA, SSAGSG and SGX)..

My invitation to join Simulation & Gaming's editorial board was in recognition of my expertise in the area of digital business simulation design and use.

Simulation and Gaming Journal

ABSEL Fellowship

ABSEL (the Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning ) awarded me a fellowship in 2002. I am their only non-professorial (academic) fellow and one of only three fellows from outside North America. The fellowship recognised my contribution to the business simulation knowledge base.

My ABSEL Fellowship award recognising my contribution

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