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Having worked in a senior marketing role and taught marketing at Ashridge Management College, I have built this knowledge and experience into many of my business simulations. Thus, although the business simulations described were used especially on marketing courses, my total enterprise simulations (the Challenge, Strategy and Tactical Series) all have a significant marketing aspect. Reflecting my view that good marketing is the prime driver of business success all these business simulations link marketing actions to financial outcomes. explore the impact of price and promotion on sales explore how marketing strategy impacts financial results provide an ending highlight on a marketing course explore how marketing interacts with the other functions

Impact of price and promotion

My Product Launch business simulation provides in two hours a mini introduction to marketing and its impact on   business success and risk. Coupled with other activities in a day it can be used to explore other aspects of marketing.

Impact of marketing strategy on financial results

The client needed a session on a marketing strategy course that covered finance and the impact of marketing strategy (the marketing mix) on it. We provided a half-day business simulation (Market Strategy) that involved creating a marketing plan involving all elements of the marketing mix and how these impacted long and short-term profitability, growth and financial risk.

Ending highlight for marketing course

A major course provider, having used one of my simulations for several years, wanted a business simulation that emphasised all elements of the marketing mix (price, promotion, product, 'place and research) and how these influenced business success. I developed SMART for them - a day and a half strategy simulation.

Interactions between marketing and the other functions

My Challenge and Strategy Series involve learners running a complete business. The Challenge Series concentrate on linking the short to medium-term impact of marketing on the other functions and the business as a whole. In contrast, the Strategy Series concentrate on the strategic impact of marketing and the long-term success of the business.

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