Simulation Model Domain

This explores the business simulation model in terms of simplicity and stylisation and the implications of this in terms of learning and engagement.











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Business simulation models differ in terms of simplicity (horizontal axis) and stylisation (vertical axis) on the Simulation Model Domain. Simplicity and appropriate focus ensures learning efficiency. Stylisation to emphasise issues ensures learning efficiency.

Simulation Model Domain

Diagram of simulation model and development needs sets.

Simplicity and Stylisation

Positioning Business Simulations on the Model Domain

Business simulations on the Simulation Model Domain typically replicate

"Reality" Business Simulations

Generic & Industry Specific Business Simulations

Imaginary Business Simulations

Surreal Business Simulations

I have found that simulations positioned in the Generic Business level and the Imaginary Business level have delivered the best and most engaging learning provided that they replicate the learners' industry. I have found that business simulations that attempt to replicate real businesses accurately are confusing, take too much time and as a result do not deliver effective and efficient learning.

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A professionally designed simulation will be appropriately simplified and stylised based on learning needs, efficient and effective learning.

This page summarises information from my book "Corporate Cartooning: the art, science and craft of business simulation design" and my keynote Presentation at the 2008 ISAGA Conference.

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