Preparing to run a business simulation (check list)

Here is a check list to help you before you use a business simulation so that you can concentrate on tutoring on the day.











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This page explores the materials and equipment needed to run a business simulation:

Team (Learners) Materials

This includes the obvious (learner documentation and, if appropriate, decision forms), plus rough paper and pens (if not supplied by the training centre), graph paper (if appropriate) and it can be useful to bring a few small, basic calculators.

Team Breakout Room Equipment

Obviously tables, chairs and a white board or Flip Chart plus (as appropriate) drawing pins, Blu-tack or masking tape, rules, a stapler or paper clips. If the simulation is a Direct Use one or has a Decision Support System you will need a microcomputer and printer. Also, if the printer is a multifunction one it allows learners to photocopy material. (If such a copier is not available in each breakout room then it can be useful to have a photocopier in the main room.)

Tutor's Materials

These includes spare learner materials, a spare cartridge for the printer (as I find they run out at the worst possible time). If the participants' documentation is going to be provided at the training centre or is in your hold baggage. it is sensible to bring a copy of the documentation with you (in physical or electronic form) in your hand baggage. It the participant documentation has been sent out to delegates, bring several copies with you for the people who forgot their copies (or insist that they never received them).

Tutor's Equipment

For Tutor Mediated simulations the tutor will need a microcomputer and printer - ideally a fast printer (Laser rather than Ink Jet). If, like me, you prefer to use a mouse (rather than the laptop's touch pad), you will need to bring the mouse (and a mouse mat - I have a neat mouse mat with a built in calculator). Also, remember to bring the printer cable and possibly an extension cord (to connect the microcomputer and printer to a power socket).

Optional Stuff

These are the optional extras, like filing trays to collect decisions and hold results, worksheets and Ancillary Task briefs (if appropriate), printer paper (in case the training centre does not have this or will charge excessively), briefs for visitors, hardware documentation, printer drivers (if the printer is being supplied at the training centre). If the learner documentation is to be delivered directly to the training centre.

The Check List

Please email me to get a printable checklist.

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