Running a business simulation for you.

Although the majority of our business simulations and all the most popular business simulations are designed for you to run yourself there are circumstances where it is attractive for me to run the business simulation or support your use.











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Where you are going to run the business simulation as part of an assessment centre, on a large conference, as part of a promotional contest or is one of our longer, more complex simulations, or it is a very new business simulation it is appropriate for me to run the simulation for you or support your staff running the simulation.

Tutoring Staff Numbers

Tutoring Staff Numbers

For up to twenty-five learners I provide a single tutor. For larger numbers either I can supply additional support staff or use your own staff to support the activity. (For example, at a recent conference involving about 100 people, we provided one consultant and the client provided four staff to help with the simulation.)


Fees for running business simulations for you consist of trainer time plus simulator rental and include the use of a single microcomputer and printer. Documentation, accommodation and travel are additional and, if the travel time is considerable, there may be an additional charge (unless the simulation is run at a really nice location). I am happy to quote in Pounds Sterling (), US Dollars ($) or Euros.


Travel in the UK will generally be by train and overseas will be by air. Flights of less that two and a half hours duration will be in economy but for longer flights I prefer business class as it minimises jet-lag. For long haul, whenever possible I will balance flight costs for short duration trips with reduced costs where the duration is longer and incur extra accommodation costs. For example, flights to the USA including a Saturday night are much cheaper than flights where the outbound and return are in the same week.


Although I travel with a laptop and portable printer, there are situations where you will need to provide additional equipment. Because portable printers are slow, to ensure that the learners do not waste time, a laser printer is desirable. For conferences or Direct Use simulations we will need multiple computers and printers to be provided. However, the computers and printers needed are basic and we do not need Internet access.

Additionally I will need a projector for the simulation briefing and review. Where I use your equipment, it will be necessary to check compatibility beforehand (specifically, the ability to load my software and printer drivers).

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