In my experience sales management is like herding cats. 

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Having been involved in sales and sales management before I started my business I recognise how vital it is to business success. A particular need when developing sales managers is a focus on profitable sales and this is incorporated in all of my business simulations. Here I describe some clients have used business simulations to:

........explore how individual customers impact financial results

........explore sales management immersively

........understand the problems facing customers

........explore the impact of price and promotion on sales

........explore the need for good  forecasting

........improve negotiation skills better business

........make effective use of time

Exploring how individual customers impact financial results

All too often, sales focus on sales volume (shifting boxes) rather than financial results. My three hour Sales Calls simulation addresses this allowing learners to explore which customers to focus on, develop a calling strategy and segmenting customers based on financial metrics.

An immersive exploration of sales management

My SMITE (Sales Management Interactive Training Experience) involves sales managers managing a territory with a mix of sales areas each with different potentials. They manage a dozen or so sales people each of whom differ in terms of personality, selling skills, product and industry knowledge. These they hire, train, coach and deploy. When managing they need to consider workloads and profitability on an area, sales person, region and territory basis - a truly immersive and challenging experience.

Understanding the customer

A major manufacturer wanted it's sales people to better understand the issues and problems facing its (business) customers. We customised an existing simulation to replicate their clients business so their sales force came to better understand the needs of their customers. Initial use was in 2004 and the business simulation is still in use today (2014). Full case study available here.

Impacting profits with price and promotion

Often sales is concerned with box shifting. To help overcome this focus, clients regularly use my Product Launch simulation with sales people to help them understand how price and promotion impact financial success and risk.

Exploring the impact of forecasting

On several occasions, clients have wanted their sales management to forecast better to improve customer service and lower production costs. Each involved creating a business simulation that involved them with producing forecasts and then seeing the impact of forecast accuracy on costs.

Negotiating better agreements

Since the early 1980's we have developed and used extensively a series of Computer Enhanced Role Plays. Activities that ensure that the groups reach a WIN-WIN agreement and are sufficiently financially detailed.

Winning better business

A major engineering design company wanted its management to "win more profitable projects".  In particular they wished to focus on the search for attractive projects, ensuring that these were suitable, getting the highest price and negotiating the best delivery and payment schedule before having to deliver the project. In other words, the client realised that profitability was determined before the contract was won

Effective use of time

The business managers of a bank needed to divide their time effectively between selling existing products to different market sectors, prospecting for new customers, selling new products to existing customers, servicing customers and researching the markets. They needed to think more deeply about how they planned to spend their day. To deliver this we developed the Business Focus simulation.

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