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Although my design focus is on short, focused business simulations for company training, I supply simulations at no charge for use in schools, colleges and universities.











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Because I believe that today's students represent the future and supporting and encouraging careers in the wealth generation part of industry (business, manufacturing, marketing and engineering), I am happy to supply several of our simulations freely.

The Business Simulations

Two of my series of business simulations are especially suitable for and have been used by universities and schools - these are the Concepts Series and the Challenge Series. The Concepts Series areshort and focus on specific business topics. The Challenge Series involve the students running a complete business and appreciating business and developing their business, financial and commercial cumen. As both involve the students working in several teams of four of five they help develop team working skills.

For the Concepts Series each team (of four or five students) runs the simulation on their own computer and it is desirable if they have access to a printer.

For the Challenge Series, between two and eight teams (of four or five students) compete in the same marketplaces with the teacher entering decisions into a single microcomputer (with printer) and returning printed results to the teams. If the group is larger than 40 it can be split into several groups.

The proprietary simulations available under this license for free use are:

Total Enterprise Business Acumen Simulations - duration 1 day

 Management Challenge -

 Retail Challenge -

 Service Challenge -

 Executive Challenge -

 Banking Challenge -

 Foundation Challenge -

Business Strategy Simulation - duration 1 day

 Global Operations -

How a Total Enterprise simulation might be used on your course.

Business Concept Simulations - duration 2 - 3 hours

 Operations -

 Product Launch -

 Service Launch -

How a Concepts Simulation might be used on your course

Terms for Free Use

For the simulations to be provided at no charge, use is restricted to university courses that lead to a first degree and use by schools and colleges. Use by universities on their Continuing Professional Development courses with corporate clients or for second and higher degrees is expressly prohibited.

Charged for Use

The following services are charged for:


Evaluation versions of the simulations can be downloaded from this website (the process is described on You should install and test these on the computers where they are to be used. (The Total Enterprise and Strategy simulations can be run on a single computer. The Concepts simulations need to be installed on several computers.)

When you decide to use the simulation you should email from a orgainisational email address with a link to your organisation's website. The email should the date when you wish to start using the simulation and confirm that the simulation will not be used on commercial training courses or for students above first degree level. I will then provide a code that releases the full version for a year. This code must be entered into all the computers where you will use the simulation within three days of the start date.


Because of the simulations are free, my support must be limited but I will help if I can.

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