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Why use business simulations

Enhance your training
Protect against the E-learning threat
Enliven your training
Add to your services
Win new business
Move away from the lecture
Focus on developing wisdom

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Why use my business simulations

My comprehensive range
Are based on practical experience
Are short and focused
Ease of use
Are tailorable to your clients
Tailorable to you
My flexible terms and low cost
My advice and ideas
Low Risk
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"I have used The Management Challenge Business Simulation software for several years and have found it to be most effective in enabling my students to gain practical insights about financial concepts, reporting and management. The simulations are quick and easy to generate and create high levels of motivation and understanding. Without The Management Challenge our programmes lacked these essential learning experiences. "

Bill Level, WLM Marketing Management & Training,

Where business simulations can help you

Enhancing your training

Simulations allow business people to build understanding, develop skills and enhance the learning process by integrating and reinforcing learning, being memorable and challenging. Simulations are one of the training methods that are particularly attractive for adult learners.

Protect against the E-learning threat

Organisations who do not understand about learning and business economics see E-learning as the solution for all learning situations. But this is not the case. This is discussed on several of my learning pages.

Enlivening your training

Simulations are competitive action oriented fun. Used as a course finale participants end the course on a high. Used as a break or toreinforce topics, simulations invigorate participants allowing them to work longer days. Used as anicebreaker at the start of a course, they build the group and allow you to assess individuals and learning needs. Their action and results orientation address the desires and needs of adult learners.

Adding to your services

It is unlikely that you can afford the time to create your own computer business simulation let alone a range to match client needs. Regularly, for small and large training providers, being able to provide a suitable simulation has resulted them in winning the business.

Winning New Business

If none of my simulations match your client's needs exactly, I can developed new simulations or customised simulations especially for you and this can enable you to win the business.

Moving away from the lecture

Today and to an increasing extent in the future, the lecture is being replaced by E-learning and clients are expecting technology to be integral to training. My simulations allow you to remain in the training loop acting as manager of learningutilising technology to leverage your training. and interactively and actively fulfil the needs of the adult learner.

Focusing on developing wisdom

I believe that managerial learning must be concerned with developing wisdom rather than just creating knowledge. So, my learning model involves building simulated experience from a knowledge base. In turn, the marrying of knowledge, experience and decision-making practice develops wisdom that ensures that business people make wise decisions leading to business success. To explain this to management I have developed the Learning Ladder model.

Why you might use my business simulations

My comprehensive range

I have over forty simulations available virtually all aspects of management develop and business training. Further, many of these simulations are available in different versions and this increases your ability to match training and trainee needs. Also, often having experienced one simulation, clients ask to use simulations in future learning and my range allows for this. You are not stuck using just one simulation no matter what the learning need, the time available or the industry!

Based on practical experience

Besides developing nearly seventy business simulations I have run them thousands of times on short courses on a turnkey basis for clients. These means that I understand both the practicalities of training and the issues associated with using simulation. I believe that this training experience/design balance gives us an major advantage over other providers.

Short and Focused

Because my simulations are short (lasting from two hours) they fit most course formats. Arguably, this contrasts with other suppliers who design simulations for academic use and as a result last far longer and are less focused.

Ease of use

Based on my experience of training using simulation and research into the learning process, I have built in usability, tutor support and use a standard interface. Usability means that you do not have to be a computer expert to use the simulation. My tutor support system means that the simulation helps you deliver learning and the standard interface means that you can move easily between simulations (without having to waste time learning how to use the software).

Tailorable to client needs and wants

Each simulation is provided in several versions that allow you to match it to your training needs and course participants and are easily tailorable to new requirements. This may range from changing terminology, through adding decisions and reports to creating totally new simulations. All of these help you lock the client into your organisation.

Tailorable to you

My documentation is provided in Word (TM) format for you to download and I am happy for you to reformat to match your house style (provided of course you retain my copyright). If you use my simulations extensively and regularly then it is possible to provide an "own brand" or localised edition..

Flexible terms and low costs

You can hire my simulations for use on an individual course or ask us to run them on your behalf. As the development of most of my simulations were sponsored my fees are very competitive. Individual course rentals mean that you can link costs directly to the course and my rentals are similar to the hire of a training video.

Advice and ideas

My in depth experience training experience means that I can advise you about the right simulation to use, how to use it and provide ideas for new uses (such as on business conferences, assessment centres or even as in-house management contests). The web page about how you can use simulations provides links to new ideas about how you can use simulation and, so, derive incremental business.

Low Risk

My simulations focus on delivering effective, efficient and consistent learning and have been tested and honed in the classroom. We are so confident that they will deliver that we do not invoice until after successful use!

Free Business Acumen Workshop

I have a free business acumen workshop for training consultants - find out more about the workshop

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