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Here I share information about e technical issues and how to overcome them.

Windows 7 & 8 Platforms

Early versions of Windows 7 had problems with the 64 bit version (but not with the 32 bit version or earlier versions of the Windows platforms). But Microsoft seems to have cured the problem and the software runs on Windows 8

Windows 8 - finding the program to run

Earlier versions of Windows had a start button (bottom left of the screen) that you clcked and when you clicked this you then clicked all programs to get a list of programs to run. The Dilbertesk designers of Windows 8 (or as I call it Windows Hate) have removed the start button and this makes it difficult to find the program to run. To run a program, right click on the start screen (that's the one with a large number of icons that you will never use). When you do this, to the right of the task bar (at the bottom of the screen) a button marked "All apps" is displayed and clicking on it will provide a list of your programs (in roughly random order). Note: apps is Microsoft's new word for program. .

Installation Issues

There may be issues with downloading the files, fire walls and finding files.

Download Issues
There are three or four files that need to be downloaded - setup.exe, setup.lst
and one or two files with the suffix .cab. These should be saved to a folder on your hard disc, to the disk top or to a memory stick. With the exception of setup.lst you can download these by left clicking on the links and saving. Once the simulation has been installed these files can be deleted.

Setup.exe is the program that installs the simulation. As discussed later, your company's firewall may prevent you running this program. Where there are not firewall issues, once you have downloaded all these files you should run this program. (For problems with this file being truncated see F-Secure below).

Setup.lst is the file that provides the information used by Setup.exe to configure the simulation. Unfortunately, recent versions of Windows have the feature that if you Left Click the file is opened. To save this file you must Right Click and choose to Save As.

.Cab Files are unlikely to cause any problems.

Commonly, if you are installing on one of your companies computers, the firewall will prevent you running a .exe program. If this is the situation, you will need to get your technical support staff to install the simulation for you.

F-Secure 2012
A problem I have encountered with F-Secure 2012 is that the setup.exe program is truncated when downloading. If this happens it will lead to the message "setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application" (image to the left). This is because, in the example, the setup.exe file was truncated from its 137 kbytes to 106 kbytes. I have had this problem with both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

If this happens you can download on another computer (running a different virus program) or ask us to send the program on CDROM.

Example of error created by truncated file download (04/12/11)

Error Code 9
Very rarely, after installation, when you run the simulation you will get an error code. This is caused by the software not being able to find the simulation's data files. I do not know why or how loses track of where the files are but it is probably because of firewall issues - again your technical support people should be able to help you. Alternatively, you can try copying the files from its folder to a new one and run from their.

Printer Issues

A common source of problems is the printer.

Printer Driver
Each printer that you use will have driver software that communicates with the printer. If you are using a printer supplied from a third party you need to ensure that the correct printer driver is installed on your computer. So, besides asking the third party to provide the printer you should ask them to provide a printer driver on CD.

Not Printing
When running the simulation you may find that it is not printing.,this may be because the current default printer is the wrong one or that you have not clicked the Page Feed button.

Default Printer: It is likely that you computer is configured to use several printers and the wrong printer is set as the default one. You can check and change the default printer either by using the Control Panel and the Printers and Faxes option or using the Reconfigure Simulator and Change Printer Parameters (accessed from the Tutor's Options (Direct Use Simulations) or Special Options (Tutor Mediated Simulations). This problem is likely to happen when you use a printer supplied by a third party (and, like me, you forgot to change the default printer).

Page Feed: When reports are being printed automatically, page feeds are automatically sent. But, when you display reports and click the Print button, reports are not printed immediately. They will only be printed when the page is full or the Page Feed button clicked. So, on occasion, you or the learners click print and then worry that the report is not printed - to force printing click Page Feed.

Odd Message on Printing
As described below (E-mailing or Saving Results to File) some software behaves like a printer driver. And where this is the default printer you will have problems - you need to check and change the default driver (described above - Default Printer).

Toner and Ink
Invariably, your toner or ink will run out at the worst possible time and therefore it is important to have a spare
toner or ink cartridge. Also, if using compatible cartridges, check that they actually work before relying on them.

E-mailing or Saving Results to File
It is useful if you have software that allows you to produce Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) files. For a good number of years I have used FinePrint's PDFfactory software. This acts as a printer and to create PDF files all you need to do is to set PDFfactory as you default printer.

You can either reset the default printer from your Control Panel (Printers & Faxes) or from the Simulator. If using the simulator choose Special Options (Master Menu). Then Configure Simulator and Change Printer Parameters. Next a window will open allowing you to reset the default printer. When you restart the simulator, all printed output will be sent to aPDF file that you can save. (Remember, after running the simulation to reset your default printer!)

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