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Trainer training is generally not required for the business simulations that I provide "off-the-peg" but for my more complex business simulations, radically customised simulations and new business simulations train the trainer is necessary.











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Train the trainer consists playing through the business simulation followed by a discussion about the simulation, the role of the tutor and an exploration of the software from the trainer's viewpoint. For the most complex simulations or for new simulations I suggest that I shadow and support the first, live run of the simulation.

The Train the Trainer Format

My Train the Trainer course consists of a trial run of the business simulation followed by a review of the trial run and discussion about the business simulation, the simulator (software) and how to tutor the business simulation. For new or very complex business simulations I then like to shadow the first live run..

The Trial Run

Either this can be done with the trainers who are going to use the simulation or with an actual group of learners where the trainers form one team or shadow our staff.

However, for a new simulation and a very comprehensive customisation of an existing simulation, I suggest that the trial run is with trainers and people who understand fact that this run may not be as smooth as normal!

Trial Run Review

Directly after the trial run, the people being trained get together to review the simulation, learn about the software and the reports produced. As part of this I will discuss participant documentation and which reports need to be added to customise the simulation for this group of trainers. Typically, the duration of the trial run review is the approximately the same as the trial run. So for a one day simulation, the trial run lasts a day and the review lasts a day.

Shadowing a Run

Here the simulation is run by your trainers but I attend to help you and answer any difficult questions. Also, it is likely that I can construct additional reports as part of the Tutor Support System to help you run the simulation.

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