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There is nothing quite as awful as arriving at a training venue and discovering you do not have access to the proper equipment.











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Here I explore the practical issues (so that you do not make the mistakes that I have) - practical issues with your:


Happily, today, laptop computers are universal and a single laptop is suitable for running a Tutor Mediated business simulation. However, where you are running a Direct Use business simulation where, ideally, each team uses their own computer, you will usually need the venue or client to provide some computers and this can cause some problems:

Keyboard layout can vary country to country and can cause problems.

Firewall Problems are quite common within large organisations and you will need support from technical support. Do not wait until the day and try to install the simulation on learners' computers.

Language Setting Problems is possible in Asia where the character set is localised. Again, you will need help from technical support.

Wherever possible install the simulation on all the computers and test well before the course starts.


Although I have a nice small portable inkjet printer, this is not very fast and so, commonly, I get the client or the hotel to supply a printer. But, if you do this you need to ensure:

  1. Suitable software drivers are made available
  2. There is a spare toner or ink cartridge as, invariably, the cartridge in the printer will run out at the worst possible time - and unless you can then replace the cartridge you will be unable to print results!!!!
  3. Double check that you have a suitable printer cable with you (on three occasions I have forgotten this and had to rush out and buy one).
  4. Paper can also be a problem - typically I take a ream with me (as, commonly, if a hotel provides paper this is really expensive).

Test the printer with the simulation and your computer before hand.

Power Supplies

Happily today most laptops and printers work happily on a range of voltages (from 115 volts to 240 volts) and frequencies (50 Hz or 60 Hz). But power plugs differ between UK, Europe, the USA, Australia etc. (I remember on one occasion, at a London, England hotel I found that they had fitted Australian sockets! Their explanation was that English sockets were not available!!! It is amazing what you can do with the suitable use of a screw driver.) Information about sockets around the world.

Check the types of sockets, whether they are positioned right, take adaptors and an extension cord with you.


Generally, projectors are provided and can be connected to your laptop with no problems. But, on occasion this is not the situation. Recently, at a conference consisting of a series of thirty minute presentations, a presenter spent seven minutes getting his computer to interface with the projector. This had two effects - it put the schedule back and it made the audience question the professionalism of this person and the validity of his presentation. As with other things, it is much better to arrive early and check everything out.

Flip Charts and White Boards

I prefer Flip Charts as you can take the paper and hang it on the wall (assuming that the training center allows this). Where learners are in breakout rooms, each room needs a flip chart. Also, check that black and blue pens are supplied and work. (Other colours, especially red are a problem).

It may be sensible to take a set of pens with you.


Several years ago, at a conference, I discovered posters. These can be used to introduce and document key concepts and spread around the main training room provide good introduction (as people drift in for the first session).

If there is anything else to add to this page or you have comments please contact me.

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