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Adult Learning Focus

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Company Training Focus
All our simulations are geared towards company training. All my business simulations were designed to be used to train business people on short courses. And, my published research shows that the needs and constraints of company training are totally different from those of pedagogic, academic instruction.

Value for Money

Our value for money allows you to squeeze more out of your dollar, pound, euro etc. With short durations, a wide range and a lean approach to design I ensure Value for Money. This column shows where and how I achieve this.

Quality Learning

Teaching and design experience coupled with research mean that our simulations are A plus Besides extensive training and business simulation use experience, I have an ongoing research programme to ensure that my business simulations deliver learning in an effective, efficient and consistent manner. Research that has won several awards. This column shows why this is so.

Easy to Use

Although not quite as easy to use as a light switch our simulations are designed to be used by the average trainer. All the above are worthless if the simulation is not easily usable and this column explores where and how I have impacted usability.

Short Durations
My business simulations vary in length (from 2 hours to 2.5 days). 30% of my range last half a day or less. Another 30% have durations of between half and a whole day. And about 25% last between a day and a day and a half. So, only 15% are very long (lasting 2 to 2.5 days).
I develop short simulations because most company training courses have a duration of a week and often much less and so sixty percent of my simulations can be run in a day or less.
Short durations mean that learners are away from their job for shorter periods and course costs are less.

Adult Learning Focus
In teaching terms adult learners are fundamentally different from students at school or university. Adult teaching is based on recognising this and building on experience; being action oriented, self directed, task or problem centred. And with a focus on the learning process rather than just knowledge content.
For successful Company Training Courses the needs of adult learners must be recognised. And, so my simulations are designed for use with adult learners on company training programmes rather than for university students
Because my simulations are designed for and have been used extensively on company training courses they provide appropriate adult learning.

Comprehensive Range
Currently, I have over 40 simulations covering topics including Business Appreciation, Strategic Management, General Management, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Team Building. Besides different content, my simulations cover a wide range of industrial sectors.
This means that I are likely to be able to closely match your company training needs off-the-shelf and do not have a one-size fits all policy.
Also, you save money as there is likely to be a simulation off-the-shelf. Even if a simulation is not available off-the-shelf it is likely that I can customise a simulation at low cost to exactly meet your needs.
Also, by being able to provide the right simulation to meet your training needs improves the quality of the learning experience as the learners do not waste time on inappropriate learning.

But, because I use standard interfaces, the tutor does not have to worry about learning about new software or making mistakes when he uses another of my simulations. extrinsic cognitive load.


For all Staff Levels
Reflecting the organisational pyramid, 70% of my simulations are suitable for middle management and below and about 30% for middle and senior management. However, as most of my simulations are available in several versions and many can be run in an abbreviated form or with smaller team sizes there is a substantial overlap between these two groups for middle managers.
As I match my simulations to staff level, this means that I are likely to be able to more closely meet your learners' capabilities and needs. So I ensure that the simulation you choose will take into account your learners' prior learning and business experience, their maturity and decision-making experience and authority,.
Also, by being able to provide the right simulation to match your learners' capabilities and needs improves the quality of the learning experience as it ensures that the simulation that you choose is not too complex or too simple and provides the right level of challenge and learning..

Easily Customisable
My business and training experience means that I understand there is a need to ensure a close match between development objectives, the target audience and the simulation.
Although many simulations are available off-the-shelf and in several versions that range in complexity and scope I recognise that you may have special issues facing your staff or wish to emphasise certain competencies. So, I recognise that there may be a need for customisation.
My design approach means that simulations may be customised easily, quickly and inexpensively. For example, changing terminology will take a day or less and customising the decisions made and the reports produced a little longer. Even major customisation may take no more than two weeks.
Because customisation is easy, quick and low cost, it is attractive to tailor the simulation to your exacting needs.

Delivered by your Own Staff
Forty percent of my simulations are designed for to be run by client staff. Because of their newness or complexity, the remainder are designed to be run by my staff. But, I are progressively extending the range of self-run simulations. And, the simulations that your staff can run include all my most popular, short duration simulations. So, in terms of student numbers, over 90% of my simulations can be run by you.
The ability for your staff to deliver simulations means that you avoid large consultancy fees.
The quality of the offering is higher as your staff using the business simulation have an in-depth knowledge of your organisation and the issues and so can help the transfer between the simulation and the learners' jobs.
Ease of use is necessary for delivery by your own staff and means that they learn about the simulation rapidly. (And, I can support this further by providing a Train the Trainer course that covers how to use the software, in-depth knowledge of the simulation and how to train using simulation.)

Basic Hardware
My simulations do not need special hardware - just a basic entry level PC and printer running any version of Windows from Windows 98 through Windows 7. And, about half my simulations only require a single computer and printer. (The others require a computer and printer for each team of four or five learners.)
Because the computer needs are basic it is likely that you already have suitable hardware and so do not have to budget to purchase additional hardware - in fact I have several training consultants who are still using my simulations on Windows 98 computers.
Also, because the hardware and operating systems are standard, your staff will find the simulation easy to use. (For example, one of my simulations is run regularly with the learners' decisions being processed by fifteen year old children. Although, perhaps a better example is that one regular user of my software is in his late eighties!)

Print your own manuals and forms
You pay for the right to use a simulation on a course and not for the manuals and forms. I provide these manuals and forms electronically so that you can print them yourself. And, provided you respect my copyright, you can customise them to match your house style.
As I allow you to print your own manuals, you do not pay bloated fees for manuals.
Also, you can customise these documents to integrate the simulation into your course and, if appropriate, provide additional materials linking to other parts of the course and the issues facing your company.

Training Experience
Over the years I have run simulations thousands of times with tens of thousands of business people around the world. Jeremy Hall's experience includes having a Honeywell training department reporting to him and teaching at Ashridge Management College. Thus I know what it is like to be up to your ankles in alligators and have incorporated this knowledge in to my designs.
Company training experience coupled with a business career in the US with GE and the UK with Honeywell and Ashridge Management College means that I have a deep understanding of company training needs.
My training experience is incorporated into my simulations. Additionally my experience designing and running courses means that I can advise you on your own course design.
Also, as a long time user of computer simulations on management courses, I know how important ease of use is and have designed this in so you will not have to spend an unreasonable amount of time learning how to use the simulation or worrying that you might use it wrongly.

Tutor Support System
As appropriate, my simulations provide a comprehensive Tutor Support System that provides the trainer with the information needed to help manage the learning process. Information that includes on-line help, reports that reconcile accounting and operational calculations, reports that analyse and compare teams, reports that identify individual team strengths and weaknesses.
My Tutor Support System shortens the time taken for a trainer to become familiar with the simulation.
One major aspect of my Tutor Support System is the way in which it helps the trainer manage the learning process by identifying problems and opportunities for learning and allows the trainer to provide appropriate feedback.
Besides, helping manage learning, the Tutor Support System helps the trainer answer questions and administer the simulation.

Practical Advice
Because I have been there, done that, got the tee-shirt (and ulcer) in the classroom, I can offer practical advise on choosing and preparing to use the simulation. And, if possible, providing telephone support during its use. My latest book "Corporate Cartooning" is available as a free download.
Because I have designed and run complete management development courses and have worked in industry, I can not only advise you about the best simulation for your needs but also advise of time-table issues etc.
Because my advice supports your choice and use, you can be assured that your and your learners time is not wasted.
And, I can advise of possible problems and so ensure learning quality.
Finally, whenever possible I try to be available on the phone when you run the simulation for the first time.

Fail safe designs
Besides a rigorous design process and extensive testing, my simulations are extensively tested on courses. On decision entry, my simulations check for unreasonable and unusual decisions and reject or warn of these as appropriate. And, even if a wrong decision has been entered it is easy and quick to re-run.
This means that learning is ensured and teams do not waste time because of program bugs or because it is time consuming or impossible to recover from incorrect entries.
Decision checking and the recovery process simplifies and enhances the use of the simulation.

Corporate Modelling Background
My involvement in simulations for managerial learning came from developing corporate and financial models for planning and budgeting in the UK and the USA. Included in this was the launch of the first interactive corporate Modelling package in the UK and seminal work with GE in the USA.

My corporate experience involved developing and consulting during the creation of a wide range of financial, operational and marketing models for budgeting and planning across a wide spectrum of industries. And so I understand the issues and financial, operational and marketing structures of a wide variety of industries.

Not only does my corporate Modelling background ensure the quality and validity of my models but also means that I understand the difference between simulation models for budgeting and planning and simulation models used for managerial learning. This means that my designs reflect training process needs and rather than budgeting and planning needs.

Design Experience
Over the last thirty-five years Jeremy Hall has developed some sixty simulations for use in company training. And, this means that he is probably the world's most experienced business simulation designer.
Except for one simulation, all my designs were for company training use for a wide range of companies in the UK, Europe and around the world.
Not only has this design experience produced a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf simulations, but means that I are expert at developing new simulations quickly and inexpensively. And, over the years, I have built up a library of simulation models that can be used in any new simulation.
Besides reducing development time, my design experience means that my simulation quality is ensured. This is illustrated that simulations developed in the 1970's and 1980's are still able to deliver quality learning.
My design experience coupled with my training experience means that I have refined and honed the user friendliness of my simulations.

Innovative Architecture
During the 1990's, following award winning research into simulation design needs, I developed an architecture that incorporates best practice. And then implemented the architecture in software. This software in the form of a series of shells (or platforms) that provide the standard functionality. With this approach, all that is necessary to develop a new simulation is to design the simulation model and its associated data.
As these pre-existing simulation shells account for 85% to 95% of the software, the development time (and cost) of a new simulation is reduced by 80% to 90%.
My architecture incorporates leading edge best practice. And, in 2002 my innovative architecture won a major UK innovation award. And in 2003, the learning incorporated in this work was recognised by a UK National Training Award.
My architecture incorporates extensive user support including hypertext help, advice and explanations.

Breadth and Depth of Designs
As illustrated by my comprehensive range, I have a huge breadth of design experience in terms of content and manner of use (from course use through conferences and promotional contests to assessment centres). Also, in terms of breadth I have designed simulations for a wide variety of businesses (from casinos, through industrial companies to not-for-profit organisations.) In terms of depth, I have designed simulations for all levels of management.
This breadth and depth means that I have worked with an exceptionally wide range of organisations and trainers and so have in-depth understanding of company training needs.
This breadth and depth means that is likely that I will have a simulation already and you do not have to go to the expense of having a new simulation developed for you. But, where you need something special, my experience and range means that I can save time and cost by using my shells and pre-existing models or by customising an existing simulation.
Further the breadth and depth means that I have exceptional knowledge of different training needs and situations and this ensures good quality learning.

Award Winning Research
Coupled with my training and design expertise I have an ongoing research program. This research earned Jeremy Hall the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship in 1995, in 2003 the UK's leading National Training Award and two best paper awards from the Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning.
Unlike most academic research into business simulations for managerial learning, my research is directed towards how simulations are used for company training (rather than use on university programmes).
Also, I concentrate on researching simulation use and learning processes and how the knowledge obtained can be incorporated into my designs. Thus my research is concerned with improving the quality of learning delivery and simulation design.

Simulation Use Research
The 1995 research (that was awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship) extended my study of simulation use for company training from Europe and the UK to the USA.
Unlike most other research into simulation use, this research was totally about the use of simulations for company training and adult learning.
This research allows us to suggest ways that you might make more efficient and effective use of training time.
Additionally, it explored how organisations used simulation to enhance learning quality - the hows, wheres and whys of business simulation use in managerial learning.
Further, this and my learning process research explores the practicalities of simulation use.

Learning Process Research
In parallel to simulation use research and recognising the important of the learning process to adult learners, I research the systems dynamics of the learning process.
This learning process research has been in the context of adult managerial learning and so is directly applicable to company training.
It has lead us to a design approach and architecture that enables us to pack more learning into a given time through ramping the complexity of the simulation.
My learning process research has allowed us to extend and improve learning management and feedback.  Besides this it has allowed me to pack more learning into the available time.
An end point of this research is usability and efficient, effective and consistent learning.
2004 Jeremy J. S. B. Hall

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