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Success for the training consultant is not a matter of knowing about course content and how to train. Rather it requires efficient and effective use of resources; understanding the financial consequences of actions; reaching out to and satisfying clients and developing capabilities. This workshop develops the business acumen of trainers in a practical and interactive way. It begins with the learners running their own virtual training business. Following this and building on it, the learners discuss the financial, commercial and operational aspects of running a training business.

Unusually and perhaps uniquely the business simulation involves running a training business and this ensures relevancy and challenge.

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The workshop is for all levels of external and internal training consultants.

For new training consultants the workshop provides a practical foundation and for experience training consultants it provides an opportunity to refresh, revisit and share their business knowledge. For in-company training and development staff it provides an opportunity to build business knowledge in a familiar environment. For all it will enable them to better relate to business clients and understand what drives business success.

As detailed later, the simulation covers the following key areas:

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9:30 am: Arrive, register, get to know each other

10:00 am: Short Briefing and team formation. You will be working in teams of 4 or 5 so you can share knowledge and experience and do better than the other teams!

10:15 am Start running your business

12:30 pm: Break for lunch day (this is up to you - the venue has a cafe)

1:30 pm: Continue running your business

3:00 pm: Compare and discuss results and explore other business issues

4:30 pm: End of the day

Post workshop - help each other using simulations plus Linkedin Group

October 29th, 2013 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Learning Lab 2
Idea Store,
321 Whitechapel Rd, London, E1 1BU

The workshop leader is Jeremy Hall who before moving into the training business worked in manufacturing, marketing and finance for GE in the USA and Honeywell in the UK.

His training experience includes running a training department while with Honeywell and teaching at Ashridge Management College.

Today, he designs and provides computer simulations for business training. Work that won the World of Learning "Outstanding Contribution to the Training Industry" award and who has also won awards for innovation and research into business simulation design and use.

The Workshop is available on a fully tutored basis where, for suitable groups of clients, the consultancy fee will be waived and only out-of-pocket travel and accommodation charged.

2011 Jeremy J. S. B. Hall

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