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In parallel to my designing business simulations I have used them in the classroom, taught business & marketing and designed courses. Unrivalled, practical training experience that is built into my designs.











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Honeywell Information Systems

In the early 1970s I moved from marketing with Honeywell into their Executive Education unit where I was involved in helping C-level executives learn about computers and business system design courses. I then moved on to run Customer Services with a Training Department reporting to me. During this time I managed the development of courses and was involved in both business acumen training and sales training for Honeywell staff and computer courses for Honeywell's Clients.

Training and training management at Honeywell

Ashridge Management College

In 1980 I moved from teaching marketing at a college to teach marketing at Ashridge Management College (Ashridge Business School). During that time I taught on their General Management, Field Sales Management, Sales Directors, Introduction to Marketing and Marketing Strategy Programmes.

Ashridge is one of the world's leading provider of adult learning.

Teaching at the world leading Ashridge

Running Business Simulations

From June 18th 1970 onwards I have been involved in running business simulations well over 2000 times with tens of thousands of business people around the world.

I feel that the practical, student centred, dynamic nature of business simulations necessitates knowledge and experience of their use with business people. Would you buy an automobile where the design was not tested on the track and where the designer could not drive? Certainly, I have learnt a lot about designing and providing business simulations that work based on my experience using from them (and learning from both my successes and mistakes).

simulation runs
with 10,000s of

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