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When I did my Churchill Fellowship study I analysed around two thousand runs of business simulations with clients and asked them why they used a business simulation in terms of learning needs and manner of use and what were the constraints in terms of duration and participants (learners).

This page expands on this to include links to pages that allow you to narrow your search to one or more business simulations, get details of these, decide whether a business simulation exists (off-the-peg) or whether an existing business simulation needs to be customised or whether a completely new business simulation has to be created. Finally, some practicalities are explored.

Deciding your needs

Information about how you should specify your development needs in terms of learning needs, durations, target audiences and manner of use. The link takes you to a worksheet that you can download and complete. The following links explore the topic in greater detail.

Learning needs

This explores the learning needs of managers and how computer business simulations address these. It is based on an analysis of some two thousand runs of simulations on management development courses over more than twenty-five years coupled with discussions with trainers and human resource executives around the world.


Our experience and research suggests that it is possible to provide meaningful learning through simulation in as little as two hours and nearly two-thirds of our simulations last a day or less.


This explores the issues associated with matching the simulation to the participants' prior learning and experience.

Manner of Use

This web area lists eleven ways in which simulation can be used for management development and training and provides links to more detailed explanations describing the manner of use and the issues associated with the use


Explore Simulations

Information to help you navigate through the over forty simulations on this site in the quickest and most effective manner.

Search by example

This links to a page showing examples of how organisations have used our simulations. If you find an example that matches your needs then you can link from there to detailed information about the simulation.

Search by duration & contents

This links to a page that lists our simulations in ascending duration order showing for each the general topics covered and that provides links to detailed information about the simulation.

Search by family

This links to a page that lists our simulations as a series of families and then providing

Search by availability

This links to a page that lists our simulations in two groups. The first group are simulations that you can run yourself. And the second group are simulations that we run for you.


Narrowing the search

After getting a short list of possible simulations this section explores how you can narrow the search for the right simulation

Participants Manual

After reading the description of the simulation it will be useful to download and print selected participants' manual.

Download Simulator

For many of our simulations you can download an evaluation version of the simulator. To do this navigate to the download page and then for the chosen simulation click the download button to be transferred to the simulation's download page.

Background Notes

For the simulations that are suitable for you to run yourself there are detailed background notes that explain the simulation in detail for the trainer. But, to access these will need to E-mail us to provide you with a link to a page that has this information


You will need to E-mail us to provide pricing information. But as the development of most of our simulations were sponsored and our agile and lean development methods we feel that you will be pleasantly surprised! When you email please specify whether you need a price in pounds sterling (), US dollars ($) or Euros.


Decide best simulation

At this stage you may have found a simulation that currently exists, or one that you feel could be made to fit or feel that your problem is unique and so you need one developed for you.


This page is explores whether or not it is appropriate to use an "off-the-peg" simulation.


This page is explores the issues and time associated with tailoring a simulation so you can decide whether this is appropriate.


This page is explores the issues and time associated with developing a new bespoke simulation for you.



This explores the practicalities of use of your chosen simulation


This explores whether or not you should (or can) tutor the simulation yourself.

Computer System

This defines the computer hardware and operating system you need and the number of computers required.


This page is explains where and how we can help you with your choice and use of simulation.
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