Managerial Competency Models

This page explores several models of managerial competency and how business simulation can help assess these.











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My simulations have been used on assessment/development centres since the 1970s and where applicable I have special versions of the business simulation that produces special reports to support the assessors and warn them of the issues that the people being assessed should be addressing (strengths and weaknesses).

The three competency models presented here represent how different organisations saw their needs and how business simulation was used to assess these. They are provided to stimulate discussion about your own organisation's competency models.

Management Assessment & Development Centres



Competencies Assessed

Competency Model 1   Competency Model 2   Competency Model 3  
Analytical Ability * Breadth of Perspective * Critical Thinking *
Helicopter Ability * Incisiveness * Results Orientation *
Administrative Ability * Imagination * Team Working *
Business Sense * Organisation + People Management  
Written Communication   Drive + Personal Effectiveness *
Oral Communication + Self Confidence * Strategic Focus *
Perceptive Listening * Sensitivity   Leadership *
Vigour * Co-operativness * Financial Awareness *
Emotional Adjustment * Patience *    
Social Skill *        
Ascendency *        
Flexibility *        
Subordinate Relations


Key: * Standard Simulation + With linked activities    

The Process (observed by assessors)

  1. Assesses analyse and plan
  2. Make and submit decisions
  3. Decisions entered and impact simulated
  4. Results returned to assessees
  5. Comments on teams provided to assessors
  6. Cycle repeated enough times for all assesses to manage group

Typical Timetable

  1. Pre-read simulation brief
  2. Short briefing (explaining the simulation and assessment issues)
  3. Form assessees into groups of three or four
  4. Run simulation for sufficient periods
  5. (Review the simulation's learning)
  6. Assessors meet to compare notes and discuss.

Suitable Simulations

Information about Assessment/Development Centres

Hall Marketing does not run assessment centres but can advise on the use of a suitable simulation and run it as part of your assessment centre.

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