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Some issues associated with downloading our business simulations - especially those associated with Windows XP and later versions of Windows - but if the answer is not here please ask us!











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Business Simulation Download

You will need to download these files:
setup.exe - this is the program that installs the software.
setup.lst - this file contains information for the installation (see Windows XP).
One or more files with the suffix .cab. These contain the simulation and its data

For setup.exe and the .cab files you download to your hard disc, USB or even floppy discs by clicking the left button and then choosing to save the file to an appropriate place (Hard Disc, USB disc or even Floppy Discs) But for setup.lst you should click the right button and choose save as. Once downloaded, run setup.exe.

Windows 7 compatibility

I have tested the simulations on Windows 7. But, depending on the Windows 7 configuration there can be issues. Happily, Microsoft have a Compatibility Mode to deal with problems. explains what can be done it the simulation does not run. Further information is on and

Windows XP and later (right click installation)

Before XP it was possible to download the Setup.lst file by left clicking. But with Windows XP, left clicking causes the file to open (rather than asking you if you wish to save the file). To overcome this problem you should click the right mouse button and select Save Target As from the drop down menu. Then choose the folder to save in. Finally, except for Setup.lst click the Save button. For the Setup.lst file before saving you must change the Save as Type from Text Document to All Files. (If you do not do this Windows XP may save Setup.lst as Setup.lst.txt!!).

Firewall Problems with setup.exe and installing the simulation.

Your computer may be configured to prevent you downloading or installing .exe file. If this is the situation you help from your Technical Support Staff.

Hard disc or USB disc downloads

You can download the simulations to a hard disc folded, your desktop or USB disc. You must download all components (Setup.exe, Setup.lst and the files with the suffix .cab) before installing by running Setup.exe. Once installed remember to delete Setup.exe, Setup.lst and the files with the suffix .cab as you no longer need them.

Download to floppy discs

Although normally you will download to hard disc or USB, but we have put the evaluations together so that if necessary you can download to floppy discs. Before you do this you must have two blank formatted floppy discs available (labeled Disc 1 and Disc 2). Also be advised that the Cab files will take some time to down load.

Once all files are downloaded, place Disc 1 in your floppy drive. Click Start and then Run and enter A:\setup.exe. The program will then install.

If all this fails!

Either speak to us on the phone or E-mail for us to send the evaluation simulation on a CD-ROM.

CD ROM installation

When inserted the simulation should be automatically installed from the CD-ROM. If this does not happen open the CD-ROM folder and click setup.exe.

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