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This page is designed to help you with the process of exploring our range of computer simulations and linking them to your management development and business training needs


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This page provides links between common management development and business training needs and the way they can be addressed by computer simulation. To use click on the phrase that describes your development need and you will be directed to greater information about it and links to suitable simulations and ways of using them. If your need is not listed, do not worry, we can probably find the solution.

Choosing the simulation to use...... a page to help you with the process of choosing the right simulation. It covers:

Deciding your needs Learning needs
Information about how you should specify your development needs in terms of learning needs, durations, target audiences and manner of use. The link takes you to a worksheet that you can download and complete. The following links explore the topic in greater detail. Duration
Manner of Use
Exploring the simulations By example
Information to help you navigate through the over forty simulations on this site in the quickest and most effective manner. By duration & contents
By simulation family
By availability
Narrowing the search View the Participants Manual
After getting a short list of possible simulations this section explores how you can narrow the search for the right simulation Download the Simulator
Decide the best simulation "Off-the-peg"
At this stage you may have found a simulation that currently exists, or one that you feel could be made to fit or feel that your problem is unique and so you need one developed for you. Tailored
The Practicalities Tutoring Needs
This explores the practicalities of use of your chosen simulation and how you access the full version. Computer System Needs
  Full Version Access

Ways of using simulations for management development...... a page that provides links between learning and management training needs and the way computer simulation has been used to address these. So, it links symptoms to solutions in the virtual world of simulation.

Ways of using on

general management courses

financial appreciation courses

marketing management courses

sales courses

operations management courses

and for


team building and motivation

customer and community relations

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