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Like buying a suit to wear, using an off-the-peg business simulation will be the quickest and cheapest solution to your learning needs. Our comprehensive range coupled with the different versions of the simulations means that there is a good chance that we will have something off-the-peg for you.

The main issues associated with choosing an off-the-peg business simulation are:

1. Industry Modeled
The simulation to be used should reflect the issues and structures of your industry. So, for instance if you are in a service industry then a manufacturing simulation will not deliver as effective learning as a service based simulation and will not be seen as relevant by the learners. (This is analogous to expecting men to wear a woman's suit or visa versa!) However, this is not to say that the simulation should attempt to replicate your business exactly, as this will result in a too complex simulation where delegates can always say "but it is not quite like that".
2. Prior Learning, Experience and Maturity
The simulation should be appropriate to the delegates' prior learning, experience and maturity. Probably it is not appropriate to use a simulation exploring business strategy with junior managers as they will just not have the knowledge or capability to handle the issues raised. Similarly, for senior managers a simple business appreciation simulation will not challenge them enough (unless run at in an accelerated way). (This is analogous to being forced to wear a suit when you are a tee-shirt and jeans type!) The page Prior Learning Waste explores prior learning needs in more detail.
3. Duration
For every simulation that we provide we specify the duration. This is because duration is highly correlated with complexity and if the two are not matched participants will learn nothing. So you should not use a complex simulation in an abbreviated way as this will overload delegates. Equally, extending the duration (without adding extra activities) will not provide a sufficient challenge. (This is analogous to trying to wear a suit two sizes too small or too big - although in the latter case you can pad it or eat a lot!)
4. Issues
Your business may be facing particular issues that need to be addressed by an existing simulation. and you should check that the simulation you choose addresses these.

To ensure the greatest flexibility in our off-the-peg simulations most are available in several versions.

Remember that you can always ask for our advice and suggestions.

If your learning needs are reasonably standard then we will have a simulation for you. And, usually, as when buying a suit, we can adjust it for you for a reasonable cost.

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