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I find conference presentations very useful to share, explore and challenge my ideas about business simulation design and use. Where the audiences are different I may make the same presentation at several conferences and in that way learn from a wider range of business people and academics. Besides conference presentations, I also run workshops that introduce business simulations and enthuse people about them . Recognising my expertise and research, I have been invited to keynote several conferences and won best paper awards.

Conference Type/Information

Type Academic Conference Academic Practitioner Conference Business People Invited Keynote Speaker Keynote Best Paper Award Best Paper Free Workshop Workshop


Year Type Presentation Title Conference Location
2015 Academic Conference

Business Simulations: Reality and Beyond

ABSEL Las Vegas, NV, USA
2014 Academic Conference

Quality Assurance in Business Simulation Design (best paper nomination)

ABSEL Orlando, FL, USA

Practitioner Conference

Designing a Business Acumen Simulation

SALT Orlando, FL, USa

Practitioner Conference

An exploration of business games and technology from 1970

Digital Shoreditch London, UK
2013 Academic Conference

Customising Business Simulations: an exploration and a hierarchy

ABSEL Oklahoma City, USA
2012 Academic Conference Designing the Training Challenge (best paper nomination) ABSEL San Diego, USA
2012 Free Workshop Business Acumen for L & D Professionals ASTD London, UK

Invited Keynote Speaker

Why companies use business simulations to enhance learning SAGSET Derby, UK
2011 Academic Conference

SIG workshop on games, simulations and virtual worlds

London, UK

Practitioner Conference

Low-cost and systematic approaches to training

London UK

Invited Keynote Speaker

40 simulating years - a personal journey SAGSET Guildford, UK

Practitioner Conference

Training 2010 San Diego, USA
2009 Academic Conference Existing and Emerging Business Simulation-Game Design Movements ABSEL Seattle, USA
2009 Academic Conference Computerized Business Simulations: A Systems Dynamics Process ABSEL Seattle, USA

Practitioner Conference

Corporate Cartooning: The Art of Business Simulation Design Devlearn San Jose, USA
2008 Workshop Banking Challenge Simulation IBSS Hong Kong
2008 Academic Conference Corporate Cartooning: The Art of Business Simulation Design SAGSET Nottingham, UK

Invited Keynote Speaker

Corporate Cartooning: The Art of Business Simulation Design ISAGA Kanaus, Lithuania

Practitioner Conference

Computer Business Simulations: Design for Process

Innovation 2008 Colorado, USA
2008 Academic Conference Corporate Cartooning: The Art of Business Simulation Design ABSEL Charleston, USA

Practitioner Conference

CasKade: an exploration of knowledge and business SALT Orlando, USA
2007 Academic Conference

Computer Business Simulation Design: Novelty and Complexity Issues

ABSEL San Antonio, USA

Practitioner Conference

SALT Orlando, USA
2007 Free Workshop Product Launch Simulation IAL Austin, USA

Invited Keynote Speaker

I Hate Knowledge SAGSET London, UK
2005 Academic Conference Knowman: Knowledge Management Simulation ICKM London, UK

Best Paper Award

Computer business simulation design: the rock pool method ABSEL Orlando, USA
2003 Academic Conference Structuring Innovation: A design architectonic Business Innovation in the Knowledge Economy Warwick, UK

Practitioner Conference

Corporate Cartooning: The Art & Science of Computerized Simulation ASTD Charlotte, USA
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