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Business Simulation Rental

We provide our Business Simulations on a per course rental basis. When you wise to use a simulation, you let us know by e-mail when you wish to use the simulation and we provide a code a that releases the full version for the desired period. We are happy to release the Business Simulation before the course so that you can fully familiarise yourself. More information is on our Full Version Access page.

Business Simulation Prices

Depending what is most convenient for you, we price in Pounds Sterling (), US Dollars ($) and Euros (). Contact us to receive a price list in the currency that you prefer show rental prices for company training use and especially discounted prices for university and school use.

Simulation Rental is on a per course basis (not a per student basis) and cover course sizes of up to 24 business people.

As the development of my simulations was sponsored by clients, the cost per learner is very low with my rental fee similar to the rental fee for training videos. And, bearing in mind that a business simulation is likely to cover more topics and have a longer duration than a video, the cost per minute is very, very attractive.

All fees exclude VAT which is only payable for European Union purchases. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice. However, we only invoice simulation rental after successful use.


For Tutor Mediated simulations (where the tutor runs the simulation on a single computer) the licence applies to the installation and use of the simulation on a single computer. For Direct Use and Enhanced Negotiations simulations (where each team of participants runs the simulation on their own computer) the licence applies to the installation and use of the simulation on up to four computers. (Please contact us to quote where you wish to install the simulation on a larger number of computers).


Hall Marketing owns the software and documentation copyrights. However, we are happy for you to reproduction documentation for use with a simulation and, provided you retain our copyright statement, you are free to modify documentation to reflect your house style.

Tutor Training

Our simulations are designed to be simple to use and based on years of practical experience. However, we offer training in how to run simulations (although for simulations lasting a day or less this is not likely to be necessary). For longer simulations where, normally, we would run the simulation for you, it is necessary for you to be trained in use.

Running Simulations for you

All simulation can be supplied on a fully tutored basis and this may be attractive if the simulation is only to be run a few times, is very complex or is being used with a very large group.

Fees for running simulation consist of a consultancy fee (including the use of a single microcomputer and printer) and a rental fee for the simulator. Accommodation and travel to the training site are charged separately. UK travel is charged on a mileage basis (as shown in the schedule). Overseas travel is by Business Class air. Where traveling time is significant, we reserve the right to charge for this.

Group Size: The consultancy fee in the schedule is based on running the simulation for up to twenty participants (four teams) and simulation rental is separate. Larger groups will need to be doubled manned either with staff supplied by Hall Marketing or by the client. For large groups a charge will be made for additional documentation.

Cancellations and Postponements: If a course is cancelled within one month of the scheduled date, a cancellation charge equal to the full consultancy fee will be charged. If the course is cancelled between a month and two months of the scheduled date, a cancellation fee of half the full consultancy fee will be charged. If costs (for documentation, simulator modification, travel, etc.) have been incurred these will be charged in full.

Cancellation charges can be set against any course postponed for a month or less and fifty percent of the cancellation charges can be set against a course postponed for three months or less. Postponement is measured from the original course date.

Developing & Modifying Business Simulations

Since the early 1970s we have developed more than sixty simulations for management development and, so, we have an in-depth ability to tailor, customise and develop simulations to meet specific needs.

Tailoring involves changing terminology, the reports produced and, possibly, the decisions made. As the architecture of our software facilitates changing terminology and language, typically this takes from half a day to two days.

Customising involves taking an existing simulation and changing or adding to it to meet specific client needs. Typically this takes from a week to a month.

Developing New Simulations involves creating a completely new simulation. However, because we have very considerable design experience, an extensive library of models and have simulator shells, development time is usually less than half that of our competitors! The work involved depends on the complexity of the simulation.

Development Work is charged on a per diem basis. If other expenses (travel, accommodation etc.) are incurred these are charged separately. Payment can, if required, be amortised over an agreed number of courses over an agreed period.

Development Conditions:The client receives a licence to use the simulation for an agreed period. This licence is inclusive of simulator maintenance and the right to copy the documentation. Unless agreed, Hall Marketing has the right to use the simulation with other clients.


All Hall Marketing's business simulations have been developed for use on management training programmes and have been used extensively. This means that support needs should be minimal, but we are please to provide telephone support whenever possible. However, this support is provided where ever possible as a free service and is not part of any contract.

Jeremy Hall (the designer) has over forty years' experience developing and running simulations. He welcomes telephone calls and e-mails. His direct office line is 020 7537 2982 (International +44 20 7537 2982) and, unless running courses, is likely to be there from 10:00am to 5:00pm (UK time) (However, it is advisable to check by email before arranging to phone.). His e-mail is

On Course Support: Time constraints can be a problem and if you contact us before the course we can advise on support availability during the course and contact telephone numbers. Because we know about short course pressures please do not limit support requests to software problems but feel free to ask about hardware problems and for tutoring suggestions.

Pre-Course Support: To ensure the most effective and efficient use of training time all our simulations have specific learning objectives and are designed for particular groups of executives. However, by adjusting the timetable, adding or removing tasks a much wider range of use is possible. We are always ready to advise on the use of a simulation. We may be able to help by suggesting timetable modifications, points to watch and learning opportunities.

Support is supplied as a free service to our customers who use our simulations for management development (commercial and in-company training). It is provided on an "as available" basis and does not form part of any contract.


All simulations are provided in English. However, as described in the section on customising simulations, the architecture of our software facilitates changing terminology and language and so it is simple to translate the simulation into another language or the company's terminology. Please email us for a White Paper detailing how you can translate the simulation into a language other than English.

General Terms

Hall Marketing shall have no liability or responsibility to customers or any other person or entity for any liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by programs sold by Hall Marketing including but not limited to any interruption of service, loss of business or anticipatory profits or consequential damages resulting from the use or operation of such programs. Hall Marketing reserves the right to amend specifications and conditions of sale without prior warning.

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