Business Simulation Progressions - period-by-period

Business simulations involve progressing forward period-by-period or stage-by-stage and the design of these progressions are vital.











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Key to the successful design of business simulations is the appropriate progression period-to-period. Design that enhances and ensures learning by introducing issues and concepts in a logical and considered way. Beyond this there is the impact on engagement, motivation and workload. The forms of progression are thus:

Economic Progression

This defines how the economic situation changes independently of the decisions made. Thus it is the way markets change (growth or decline and seasonality), the way technology changes, cost inflation or deflation etc.

Task Progression

This defines how the business decisions evolve as the simulation progresses with each new decision or group of decisions introducing new issues that need to be managed.

Issue Progression

This defines step changes in the issues explored by the simulation. This might be new competitors entering a markets, the need to produce special reports for "head office" or new sources of finance.

Business Progression

This defines how the impact of the decisions on the outcomes change over time. So, for example, as a simulated company penetrates a new market, the new customers may be more price sensitive that the early adopters and are motivated by utility rather than novelty.

Viewpoint Progression

This defines how new reports are introduced to provide new viewpoints on the business being run - new reports that are designed to promote discussions on specific issues.

Ad-Hoc Progression

This involves introducing disruptions - such as a sudden change in interest rates and the economy because of irresponsibility!

A professionally designed simulation will have built in a suitable mix of these progressions to ensure focus on learning needs and business issues in the shortest possible time.

This page summarises information from my forth coming book "Corporate Cartooning: the art, science and craft of business simulation design" and my keynote Presentation at the 2008 ISAGA Conference.

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