SIMULATION: Virtual Business Experience

Using and choosing computerised business simulations and experiential exercises for management development


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This book is an amalgam of over twenty-five years' experience running simulations and a study of the use of simulations in the UK and the USA made possible through a Winston Churchill Fellowship.

Unfortunately it is currently out of print but sections are available as PDF downloads. Contact use for details.

The book is designed to provide practical guidance for those involved in management development:

The book consists of several guides and information about supplementary tasks to enhance learning from simulation: The Guides are:

Types of Simulations
This provides an introduction to computerised business simulations. It describes what they are, the types available and how they differ from CBT.
Learning & Simulation
This explores course and session design needs and the management development objectives that must be met. It develops a five dimensional model of these needs.
Using Simulations
This provides a comprehensive list of how simulations are used for management development, why they are used in this manner and what are the issues.
Tutoring Simulations
This explains the practicalities of running simulations on courses. It covers pre-course preparation, time-table & facilities planning, briefing, running the simulation and debriefing & review.
Choosing Simulations
This explores the factors you should take into account when looking for the right simulation. It covers defining objectives, judging quality, self-tutoring or using a specialist and (if necessary) getting a custom design
Supplementary Tasks
This includes copyable materials that can be used with simulations to enhance learning.

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SIMULATION: Virtual Business Experience is available from Hall Marketing. In the US it costs $56.95 plus $9.05 post and packing. In the UK it costs 29.95 plus 3.05 post and packing. Europe, 29.95 plus 4.05. Elsewhere 29.95 plus 7.05.

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